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Neil Parekh, our Executive Producer, will be guest hosting this week’s edition of the #NYTReadalong. Joining him will be Margalit Fox, an award-winning former obituaries writer for The New York Times as well a former Book Review editor.

Her latest book is the true story of a POW escape. "THE CONFIDENCE MEN: How Two Prisoners of War Engineered the Most Remarkable Escape in History" was published June 1.


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The New York Times

"Enthralling...Start The Confidence Men and you too will turn page after page, eager to find out what happens next."
The Washington Post

Interview with Literary Ashland.

As a member of The New York Times' celebrated obituary news department, she has written the Page One sendoffs of some of the best-known cultural figures of our era, including the pioneering feminist Betty Friedan, the writer Maya Angelou, the poets Seamus Heaney and Adrienne Rich, the children’s author Maurice Sendak and the advice columnists Dear Abby and Ann Landers. She has also written the obituaries of many of the unsung heroes who have managed, quietly, to touch history, among them the inventors of the Frisbee, the crash-test dummy, the plastic lawn flamingo and the bar code.

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Neil Parekh is our Executive Producer and Guest Host. Our Production Team includes: Paula Kiger, Steve Taylor, Julia Weeks and Carla Baranauckas.

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