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She helped Billie Jean King write her autobiography.

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Sarah Maslin Nir is our guest on @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong. She has been a staff reporter for The New York Times since August 2011. She currently covers breaking news for the paper’s Metro section. Before that, Ms. Nir was a beat reporter covering the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Just this week, she wrote the NYT story about families who lost their lives in the NYC-area Hurricane Ida flooding. She is the author of "Horse Crazy," the Story of a Woman and a World in Love with an Animal.

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Sarah was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for “Unvarnished,” an investigation into New York City’s nail salon industry. She also covered the first Covid outbreak in New York and the lockdown of New Rochelle; after two weeks on the ground, she was one of the first reporters to get Covid. She also broke the story of the Black birder in Central Park and the white woman who called the police on him. Sarah was The Times’s “Nocturnalist” columnist, covering New York City’s nightlife from 2000 to 2011. She covered more than 200 parties in 20 months, once attending 25 parties over five days.

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