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Join us for the #NYTReadalong on Sunday morning. Neil Parekh, our Executive Producer, will be guest hosting this week’s edition. Joining him will be Barry Meier, longtime Pulitzer Prize-winning  investigative journalist and author of "Spooked: The Trump Dossier, Black Cube and The Rise of Private Spies." He was at The New York Times for 28 years and also wrote for The Wall Street Journal and New York Newsday.

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Social Media Weekend featured a number of great speakers and sessions. For the next two weeks, you can still use the code NYTReadalong for 20% off to watch all of the content for the next six months. Brain Stelter was our opening night speaker. Check out the social media posts using #smwknd.

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Every week, we review the print edition of the Sunday New York Times, taking audience comments and interviewing special guests.

Neil Parekh is our Executive Producer and Guest Host. Our Production Team includes: Paula Kiger, Steve Taylor, Julia Weeks and Carla Baranauckas.

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