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Let's Start At Our Very Beginnings

OK, nothing quite as corny as beginning a blog with a sort-of line from The Sound of Music. But here we are — the beginning blog from Digimentors.

In what seemed (and were) some very dark days in 2020, when the COVID-19 virus was at pandemic levels in much of the world and many of us were as much as possible staying at home, Sree repeated this comforting mantra: “Do something,” he told us. “Learn something new,” he added

The first thing the Digimentors crew accomplished was shifting our in-person Social Media Weekend conference to an online video-event. In ten days. And it was a hit.

Sree and his team didn’t acquire the skills to do this overnight, of course. We’ve been working at stuff for a while. Sree and co-founder Andrew Lih had taught together at Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism. Sree has been CDO for Columbia University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the City of New York — and is now the Marshall Loeb Visiting Professor of Digital Innovation & Audience Engagement at Stony Brook University. For over six years Sree has been leading a “read along” of the Sunday New York Times print edition. What began as a Facebook Live weekly event developed into a TV-style internet show. (Big nod to the ingenuity and diligence of Neil Parekh, Digimentors VP, Events and Communications, a huge mover in the process. Also check out #NYTReadalong!)

So when, during pandemic lockdowns, clients approached Digimentors needing help with turning their planned in-person conferences into digital events, we were ready.

And now that a lot of the world is moving to hybrid events, Digimentors has those covered too.

Digimentors also helps companies produce webinars, internet talk shows, and newsletters and provides training workshops tailored specifically to organizations’ needs. Rajni Menon, VP Operations, and Jennifer Lazarus, VP Business Development and Strategy, bring insight and energy and bags full of digital skills.

Which gets us back to our blog. We’re good at nurturing conversations and sharing information too. Many of you (over 10K individuals, actually) know us already from Sree’s Advanced Social Media Group on Facebook. (If you’re not a member already, click on the link and JOIN US!)

Here’s our promise: Our blog will be useful. Our blog will be interesting. Our blog will be informative.

Glad you are here at the beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

Also, while you’re reading, make sure you’ve seen this week’s (and every week’s) edition of Sree’s newsletter,

Linda Bernstein is VP, Education at Digimentors. She can be found on Twitter @wordwhacker and in Sree’s Facebook Group.


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