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#NYTReadalong | Aaron Morrison (Race and Ethnicity Writer, The Associated Press)

Originally Published Jan. 14, 2022

Aaron Morrison, national race and ethnicity writer for The Associated Press, will be our guest on this week’s edition of the #NYTReadalong. Before joining AP, Aaron was a senior reporter at The Appeal and an on-air correspondent and senior writer for Mic. His work has also appeared in the International Business Times and The Record newspaper in Bergen County, New Jersey. Neil Parekh, our Executive Producer, will be guest hosting.

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Aaron's work typically focuses on race, civil rights, criminal justice reform and grassroots social movements. He has embedded himself with activists to document developments in the Movement for Black Lives. Click here for his website.

He also served as the Miami Herald’s freelance resident correspondent at the United Nations, covering Latin America, the Caribbean and other issues impacting the Western Hemisphere. During his stint at the U.N., Aaron was selected as a 2013 fellow of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, affording his trips to Morocco, Jordan and Qatar. The program is meant to foster intercultural dialogue among young leaders and journalists in Western and Middle Eastern societies.


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