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#NYTReadalong | Jennie Coughlin (Audience Editor, NYT Metro)

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

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Our #NYTReadalong guest this week is Jennie Coughlin, audience editor for The New York Times Metro section. In addition to focusing on her work on the Metro desk, we’ll also review The New York Times’ coverage of the New York City Marathon. Marathon week kicks off Sunday; the Marathon is November 5.

Jennie’s role is to think about what the readers need from NYT coverage and be a voice for that to the reporters and editors on the Metro desk. She also works with the editors and reporters to make sure they’re getting the journalism they produce in front of as many people as possible, including trying to make sure the people who will be most interested can find it where they are or would look.

In addition to her role on the Metro Desk, Jennie also covers running and occasional breaking news stories. Click here for her archives. It's also the last Sunday of the month, so we'll take a look at The New York Times for Kids.

NYT Metro Articles We Will Review

Special Features in the Sunday NYT

Africa 40-page special section for the kickoff of a multi-part series on the population explosion in Africa .pdf; 26MB


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We have been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for eight years. Click here for our YouTube Playlist.

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