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This week, we’ll be hosting a Special #SunTimesReadalong with Maureen O’Donnell, staff reporter and obituaries writer at the Chicago Sun-Times. She is also a past president of the Society of Professional Obituary Writers. Yes. We will be focusing on obituaries on Halloween.

We have previously hosted several shows focused on The Washington Post and others focusing on The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Politico, Dallas Morning-News, the Khaleej Times (Dubai) and other local papers when Sree was traveling (pre-Covid).

A Selection of Maureen O'Donnell's Obits

If you want to read the full story, click on an individual image,
and then click on the link to the .pdf or you can click here for a
full list of obits and additional material related to today's show.

Our regular viewers will know that we usually focus on The New York Times; the show's official name is @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong. Previous obituary writers who have been on the show include Margalit Fox, Amy Padnani and Neil Genzlinger. Every week, we review the print edition of the paper, taking audience comments and interviewing special guests.

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