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This week, we’ll be “reading” The Washington Post; join us for the #WaPoReadalong. Our guest is Washington Post National Correspondent Philip Bump, who is focused largely on the numbers behind politics. Click here for his latest articles. Before joining The Post in 2014, he led politics coverage for The Atlantic Wire. Two years ago, Washington Post Senior Editor Marc Fisher was our guest on the show, which we livestreamed from his dining room table. (This was obviously before the Pandemic.)

We'll talk to Philip about his career and review the Sunday print edition of The Washington Post, focusing on the layout, graphic design, ads and more.

In addition to the show with Marc, we've also focused on The Globe and Mail, Politico, The Khaleej Times (Dubai) and other local papers when Sree was traveling. Usually we focus on The New York Times; the show's official name is @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong. Click here for our YouTube Playlist.

Neil Parekh is our Executive Producer and Guest Host. Our Production Team includes: Paula Kiger, Steve Taylor, Julia Weeks and Carla Baranauckas.

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