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#NYTReadalong | Amy Virshup (Travel Editor, The New York Times)

This week on @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong, our guest is Amy Virshup, travel editor for The New York Times. She’ll be joining us on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend to discuss a special section on cycling called “Summer of Cycling.”

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Click on the cover for the pdf of "Summer of Cycling."

During the pandemic, people rediscovered the joys of biking, so The New York Times is celebrating all of the different ways one can get on a bike and travel. The special section includes great city routes, rail trails, European routes, mountain biking, e-bikes and all the gear you’d need.

One of the articles, about cycling from Italy to Croatia received special treatment online. Click here for a gift link (no subscription required). This is Amy’s second appearance on the #NYTReadalong. She hosted an epic show at her place in January 2020, on the release of that year’s “52 Places to Go.” Sebastian Modak, the 2019 52 Places Traveler, joined us for that show.

Elisabeth Goodridge, deputy editor of The New York Times travel desk, joined the show in 2021 to discuss “52 Places to Love.”


New York Times for Kids

We will also take a look at the monthly print-only NYT for Kids. Amber Williams will be joining the #NYTReadalong to review the June NYT for Kids (June 26).

[UPDATED] Click here for a quick preview of this month's NYT for Kids. (The .pdf is no longer available on our website.)


We have been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for six and a half years.

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