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Sree's New Workshop

A Non-scary, Practical Guide to Generative AI
AI changes everything we do with content and how we see the world. EVERY. THING. 

Sree is now offering workshops about AI, ChatGPT, etc. Your workshop can be tailored to your audience (business, nonprofits, schools, etc.). We can set up the workshop to be a 20-minute quick presentation or a three-hour hands-on workshop, remote or in-person. No audience is too big or too small. Sree will cover "Generative AI" and explain why it is useful and why it might be scary. He'll also review several use cases and a number of tools you can use right away. Just as important as understanding the “what” and the “how”of AI, Sree will discuss the ethics of using AI and offer a roadmap of what's ahead.

Read what Sree has written about AI:
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