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#NYTReadalong | Dr. Lipi Roy (Founder, SITA MED; YouTube Host)

Updated: Mar 11

Watch the recording on this website. You can also watch the recording and comment on:

We are looking forward to having Dr. Lipi Roy join us on the Daylight Savings Edition of Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong. (Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward!) Lipi is a former guest, frequent viewer and commenter and “friend of the show.” Neil Parekh will be the guest host.

Dr. Roy is the founder of SITA MED, which stands for “Strength & Inspiration in Trauma & Addiction using Mindfulness, Empathy + Delight.” From her bio, she is an “international keynote speaker, Forbes contributor, frequent on-air medical commentator and has 350+ appearances as an MSNBC & NBC News Medical Contributor.” She is the host of a YouTube Series, “Health, Humor and Harmony.” We’ll be talking about her use of social media (particularly YouTube, Instagram and TikTok) to share health messaging.

We’ll also talk about mental health, the rise in stress, loneliness, sadness and anxiety, and how these are all risk factors for increased substance abuse and addiction.

We will be live at 8:30am ET / 12:30pm GMT / 6pm IST on Sunday morning on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and our Digimentors website. If you miss the live show, you can always watch it later, on demand.


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