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Hip Hop Public Health

Client Case Study

We work with Hip Hop Public Health to amplify their voice and maximize the reach of their mission of health equity.



We started working with Hip Hop Public Health in the fall of 2021 when they did not have a dedicated Digital Communications team to adequately support their high-profile virtual gala featuring their founder, Dr. Olajide Williams and founding artist, hip hop legend Doug E. Fresh.  After the gala's success on social media, the leadership approached us to create and implement a strategy to amplify the organization's voice across channels, and strengthen the efforts of the team to spread their message of health equity.


We pulled out all the stops to amplify the gala on social media. We brought our whole team together to promote the event across platforms in real time, and even recruited an award-winning illustrator to do live sketches of key moments.


Now our work with Hip Hop Public Health is focused on both: meeting immediate content needs and supporting the team at every step, and creating processes and plans that will be able to keep up with the organization's growth into the future. 


Digital Audit

We began our journey with Hip Hop Public Health by conducting a thorough evaluation of their social platforms, website, newsletters, and digital campaigns.  We used the metrics to glean insights and create a roadmap of feasible immediate fixes and long-term goals.


Digital Communications Manager

Digimentors managed the recruitment process for the new Digital Communications Manager in a very competitive hiring market.  We identified key skills, created the job description, publicized the call through our network, vetted candidates, set up and led interviews, conducted reference checks, and created a process for onboarding the final candidate.  The process took only 1.5 months from start to finish.


Communications and Content Strategy

We built out a dynamic plan for social media, newsletters, and website improvements that leveraged best industry practices for copy and content, customized for the mission and voice of Hip Hop Public Health. We trained members of the team on how to implement the strategy, and worked alongside team members to create content -- from identifying the focus, brainstorming ideas, writing and editing copy to designing templates and graphics.  We function as members of the extended Hip Hop Public Health family, supporting the team through major launches, decisions, and campaigns. 


Process and Workflow 

We're not afraid of doing both: taking the 10,000-foot perspective and jumping into the weeds.  We are working with Hip Hop Public Health on building out an overarching strategy while collaborating with team members on improving existing processes, creating new workflows, setting up new platforms, and adapting along the way to keep the work going and the impact growing.

We hired Digimentors to help us find a needle in a haystack but we needed help figuring out what kind of needle and where the haystack might be located. We were a growing new team when we engaged Digimentors. We didn’t really know what we needed exactly but we knew we needed something to grow and redefine our social and digital communications. Their team did a very thorough audit that produced over 40 pages of clarity for us to consider around our website, social media, and supporter engagement. In a very short time (two weeks!) they helped us to define missing pieces in our communications strategy from a human capital perspective and grew that into a job description that we would then use to hire a Digital Communications Manager. Working with them on the drafting, posting, interviewing and on-boarding was an efficient and seamless process. The team is talented, humble, thoughtful, and creative with solid project management.

Patrice Webb, Chief Strategic Communications & Engagement Officer, Hip Hop Public Health

Southern Poverty Law Center 

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