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#NYTReadalong | Amber Williams (Editorial Director, New York Times for Kids)

Our guest on this week’s edition of @Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong is Amber Williams, editorial director of The New York Times for Kids, a special print-only section that is published the last Sunday of the month. Amber was first hired by Tom Jolly (the print editor for The New York Times and last week’s guest) to revamp pages A2 and A3.

We will take a deep dive into The New York Times for Kids, talk about what it’s like to write for this section and review how they handled some serious topics (e.g. gun violence, unions, Russia-Ukraine), fun topics (e.g. Pickleball, surviving the summer) and more.

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Here is a gif of the special section.

After we finish talking about The New York Times for Kids, Amber will review the rest of the news with us and will walk us through how some of the major news stories would be handled in the Kids section. We’ll particularly ask her about the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.


We have been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for six and a half years.

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