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#NYTReadalong | Fernanda Santos

This week on @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong, Fernanda Santos, an award-winning author, former staff writer for The New York Times, a columnist for The Washington Post and a professor at Arizona State University’s Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She is the author of the book for the Off-Broadway musical “¡Americano!” and Vice President of The Sauce Foundation, created to honor the legacy of her husband, writer and editor Mike Saucier. Neil Parekh, our executive producer, is the guest host.

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We will spend most of our time with the paper taking a close look at how The New York Times is marking a grim milestone: 1 million Covid deaths. They have a news-based wrap-around cover (a first) and several pages of coverage inside.

We'll also take a close look at the horrific racially motivated mass shooting in Buffalo, NY.

Last week, we took Mother’s Day off. In the previous weeks we’ve done a Community Readalong with colleagues from Digimentors and special shows focusing on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Philadelphia Inquirer. This week, we’re back to featuring the print edition of the Sunday New York Times.

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Our production team incudes Paula Kiger, Steve Taylor, Julia Weeks and Carla Baranauckas.

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