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#NYTReadalong | Jason Del Rey (Business Journalist)

Special IG Live (Sunday, Nov. 12, 8:30am ET)

We are hosting a special #NYTReadalong on Instagram Live this week. Jason Del Rey will be our guest. He’s the author of “Winner Sells all: Amazon, Walmart and the Battle for Our Wallets.”

The show will be at our regular time, 8:30am ET, but we will NOT be live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and our Digimentors website. You will be able to find the show on Sree Sreenivasan's Instagram: @sreenet.

The Wall Street Journal described Jason Del Rey’s Winner Sells All: Amazon, Walmart, and the Battle for Our Wallets as offering "an engrossing account of the clash between these two giants. This is no bird’s-eye view: The author knows both companies well, and he is not afraid of plumbing the details of their attempts to meet their customers online. While retailing is his nominal topic, Mr. Del Rey’s real subject is the difficulty of driving change in a large organization. His book will fascinate anybody who is trying to run one."

Jason is a veteran business journalist who spent a decade at Recode, a leading online technology publication, reporting on Amazon, Walmart, and how technology is transforming retail, both online and in stores. He is the host of Land of the Giants: The Rise of Amazon, a narrative podcast series about the tech giant’s rise and the impact of its relentless ambition on hundreds of millions of people across the globe. He was also the producer of Code Commerce, an event series featuring unscripted interviews with the most influential executives and entrepreneurs working at the intersection of technology and commerce. In 2019, the National Retail Federation named him one of the “25 People Shaping Retail’s Future.” He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife and two children.


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Thank you to MuckRack for your support of Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong.


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