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#NYTReadalong | Megan DiTrolio (Lead Editor A2-A3, The New York Times)

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

What a great show! We have added chapter titles on the video to help you jump to a particular section.

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This week, our #NYTReadalong guest is Megan DiTrolio, Senior Editor at The New York Times. She’s the lead editor of A2-A3 and just led a major refresh of those pages. Neil Parekh will be the guest host. It’s our last show of 2022. Megan will walk us through the process the team went through to pitch their vision. The overall goal of these pages, in Megan’s words, has been to “pull back the curtain and explain how it all works.” Several new elements have been added to the mix, each with an eye toward increasing transparency and shedding light on the journalistic process. We’ll also take a look at The Lives They Lived, a special report from New York Times Magazine about 12 American children who died from gun violence in 2022 and Puzzle Mania, the annual special section devoted to puzzles of all kinds (How to solve it).


New Features on A2-A3

  • Might We Suggest will serve up a list of weekend recommendations from around the newsroom (.png)

  • The Dateline will show readers where Times correspondents have been reporting from via a world map (.png)

  • In On the Scene, journalists will share what they have been seeing and hearing on a reporting trip (.png)

  • Our Word Through The Times charts the etymology of a word throughout its appearances in our report. (.png)

  • In Times Past will showcase an artifact from The Times’ vast archives (.png, link 1, link2)

  • We’ll also ask her about the spot illustration on the top of A3, which includes a hidden nod to the newspaper. (.pdf)

Other Features We’ll Discuss

  • The Times Insider columns

  • Online “Bursts,” a conversational story format designed for mobile devices, allows readers to break from the vertical plunge and swipe sideways. (link)


We have been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for almost seven years.

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