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#NYTReadalong | Wayne Kamidoi (Art Director, The New York Times)

This week, our #NYTReadalong guest is Wayne Kamidoi, Art Director for The New York Times. Neil Parekh will be the guest host.

In addition to reviewing our favorite sections in the print edition of the Sunday New York Times, we'll discuss several special sections, including a tabloid on Downtowns in America; The New York Times for Kids; Hurricane Sandy: 10 Years Later; The New York Times Magazine's climate issue and more.

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Features in This week's #NYTReadalong

  • Evolution of Sunday's Front Page ( .pdf 1.3 MB) Bulldog -> 4pm ET -> 8pm ET -> 10:45pm ET

  • Downtowns in America (.pdf 88 MB| online)

  • Hurricane Sandy: 10 Years Later (.pdf 22 MB| online)

  • New York Times Magazine Climate Issue (online)

  • Comparing Digital to Print

    • Portraits of Justice (Supreme Court of the United States (online | .pdf 7.8 MB)

    • Election Deniers (online | .pdf 1.6 MB)

    • How a Chinese Doctor Who Warned of Covid-19 Spent His Final Days (online | .pdf 1.3 MB)

  • Society of News Design Submissions (Best of 2021)

    • News (.pdf 106 MB)

    • Features (.pdf 120 MB)

    • Capitol Riots (.pdf 53 MB)

    • Sports (.pdf 164 MB)

  • Preview of Thanksgiving Special - Pano-8 of Pies (not available online)


We have been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for almost seven years.

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Neil Parekh is the executive producer and occasional guest host. Paula Kiger helps produce the show, engaging with the audience on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you're interested in having our team work with you, or are looking for sponsorship opportunities, please contact us through our website.

Thank you to MuckRack for your support of Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong.


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