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#NYTReadalong | Alex Counts (India Philanthropy Alliance)

Updated: May 31

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Alex Counts / India Philanthropy Alliance

Our guest for Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong is Alex Counts, executive director of the India Philanthropy Alliance, a coalition of nonprofit, philanthropic, and charitable organizations dedicated to mobilizing people and funding in the United States (and elsewhere) to foster development and alleviate poverty in India. He is also the founder of the Grameen Foundation and author of “Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind.”

New York Times

We will also review a special Pano-8 insert in Sunday's Times. It's a print rendering of an incredible piece by Larry Buchanan for The Upshot, "An Extremely Detailed Guide to an Extremely Detailed Map of New York City Neighborhoods."

In addition to a gift link to the article and an interactive map (first published online October 29, 2023), we also have a .pdf of the print version, published this week, May 19, 2024.

The digital project was authored by Larry Buchanan, Josh Katz, Rumsey Taylor and Eve Washington, and edited by Kevin Quealy of The Upshot. Larry, Josh, Taylor Miles Hopkins, Susan Hopkins and Andrew Sondern brought the print version to life.

Gift link to Article (Expiration Date: June 1) | Interactive Map | Print Edition (.pdf, 49 MB)


Sree Sreenivasan been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for eight and a half years. Click here for our YouTube Playlist.

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