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#NYTReadalong | Arlene Schulman (Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer)

Updated: Apr 14

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Our guest for Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong is Arlene Schulman, a documentary filmmaker, writer and photographer.

Last week, she and her rent-stabilized apartment were recently featured in The New York Times. We’ll talk about the article itself and her experience responding to comments on social media. She’ll also share some background on how the article came together, etc.

We will be live at 8:30am ET / 12:30pm GMT / 6pm IST on Sunday morning on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and our Digimentors website. If you miss the live show, you can always watch it later, on demand.

We’ll also talk about Arlene’s writing, photography and more.

Tom Bodkin, NYT Chief Creative Officer, Retires After 46 Years

We will also offer an appreciation of Tom Bodkin, who is retiring from The New York Times. From a Times Insider article (Gift Link) by Emmet Lindner:

"Over four decades, he designed thousands of front pages, drawing the first draft of each by hand. There was one of his first, on Jan. 29, 1986, which reported news of the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger; one he said was the most memorable, the paper after the Sept. 11 attacks; and his last, on Leap Day of this year, which featured a graphic showing how parts of the East Coast were sinking into the Atlantic Ocean."

The New York Times Design Team put together this in-house tribute to Tom to celebrate his work. The notations on each cover offer a great explanation of his work. Clicking on the image will expand it. Click here for a .pdf. Click here for an article in The Daily Heller. Click here for the Times Insider article.


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