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#NYTReadalong | Ali Velshi (Chief Correspondent, MSNBC)

Updated: May 5

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Our guest for Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong is Ali Velshi, an award winning journalist, host of "Velshi" and Chief Correspondent for MSNBC, and a weekly economics contributor to NPR's "Here And Now."

We will be live 30 minutes earlier than usual: 8:00am ET / 12:00pm GMT / 5:30pm IST on Sunday morning on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and our Digimentors website. If you miss the live show, you can always watch it later, on demand.

In “Small Acts of Courage: A Legacy of Endurance and the Fight for Democracy,” which will be released Tuesday, May 7, he “taps into 125 years of family history to advocate for social justice as a living, breathing experience―a way of life more than an ideology.” Click here for information on his book tour.

Ali has covered multiple U.S. Midterm and Presidential elections and significant news stories around the globe, including extensive reporting from Israel during the war with Israel and Hamas, Ukraine and across Central and Eastern Europe during the Russian invasion, the Syrian refugee crisis from Turkey and Jordan, and the Iran Nuclear Deal in Tehran.

He hosts the "Velshi Banned Book Club” on MSNBC, and the "Velshi Banned Book Club" podcast. Velshi is known for his immersive on-the-ground reporting and his interactive discussions with small groups, which form part of his ongoing series, Velshi Across America. He previously worked as an anchor and correspondent for Al Jazeera America and CNN. He has been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, and is the recipient of two National Headliner Awards and a Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi Award. Click here for his website, The Velshi Exchange.

Special in The New York Times

We also will review a special Pano-8 insert from NYT Cooking. It will help you plan a dinner party that's either Effortless or Elaborate. Your call. Click here for the .pdf (44 MB)

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Sree Sreenivasan been reviewing the print edition of the Sunday New York Times for eight and a half years. Click here for our YouTube Playlist.

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