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#NYTReadalong | Ian O'Connor (Sports Columnist)

This week on Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong: Award-winning columnist Ian O’Connor. His new book, Coach K, about Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski comes out later this month.

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He’ll share stories about his first day as a copy boy at The New York Times, and about the time he met Reggie Jackson. We’ll also review some of the highlights of his work, including an unbylined piece that got the attention of Frank Deford, a column on the death of his brother, and pieces he wrote on Colin Kaepernick and Bart Starr. In addition to Coach K, he’s written books on Bill Belichick, Arnold Palmer / Jack Nicklaus and Derek Jeter. In particular we’ll explore his writing process and the difference between authorized and unauthorized biographies.

Ian has covered several Olympics, so he’ll have a thought or two on the Beijing Winter Games that started this week.

After a short break, at 10:15, Melissa Ludtke and Lawrie Mifflin will join us to offer a special tribute to Robin Herman, one of the first female journalists to enter a men’s professional sports locker room in North America. Robin passed away earlier this week.


Selected Articles by Ian O'Connor


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