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#NYTReadalong Tribute to Robin Herman

This week, Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong is paying tribute to Robin Herman, who as a hockey reporter for The New York Times “pried open doors” in the NHL. She broke a gender barrier when she became one of the first female journalists to enter a men’s professional sports locker room in North America. She was 70. The cause was ovarian cancer.

Melissa Ludtke and Lawrie Mifflin, who worked with Robin over the years, will join us for this special tribute. Neil Parekh will be the host.

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Melissa, who sued the Yankees to get access to the clubhouse, is the author of a book-in-process about her lawsuit against Major League Baseball for equal access for women reporters.

Lawrie is the managing editor of the Hechinger Report. She and Robin both covered the NHL at the same time. In The New York Times obituary for Robin, Lawrie is quoted as saying that she and Robin had sometimes been mistreated by players — in 1980, one of them grabbed Lawrie and carried her out of a locker room — but she added that they were undeterred as they strategized about gaining access to more locker rooms on the road.

We’ll also include some of what her husband, Paul Horvitz, posted about Robin on Twitter. He was kind enough to share some of his favorite family pictures. Those will be part of the tribute as well.

Join us for this special tribute to Robin Herman, live on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and our Digimentors website.

The tribute will be produced by Digimentors. It will start shortly after our regularly scheduled edition of Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong.


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