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#NYTReadalong | Steven V. Roberts (Professor, Columnist, Author)

This week on Sree’s Sunday #NYTReadalong: Steven V. Roberts, professor, columnist and best-selling author. Steven had been married to Cokie Roberts for 55 years. After she died of cancer, he channeled his grief into a book, “Cokie: A Life Well Lived.

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As he wrote after her death, “As I think about her legacy, I’m convinced that her private life was as significant as her public life. Few of us can be a TV star or bestselling author. Every one of us can be a good person. Everyone can learn a lot from how she treated others. Cokie did something for someone else virtually every day of her life, and I tried to capture that spirit in the eulogy I gave after her death.”

Her childhood friend and college roommate, Cinda Pratt Pearlman, came up with the phrase ‘WWCD: What Would Cokie Do?”

The book recounts personal and family stories about Cokie. It’s essentially a love letter to his wife. Click here to buy the book.

We’ll also talk to Steven about his 50-year career in journalism covering the antiwar movement, President Reagan's trip to Moscow in 1988, and thirteen presidential campaigns. He still writes a regular column and teaches at George Washington University.


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Pictures from "Cokie: A Life Well Lived"

(Courtesy Steven V. Roberts)


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