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#SunTimesReadalong | Snow Ramps / Ukraine

This week, we’ll be hosting a Special #SunTimesReadalong with Chicago Sun-Times reporters Stephanie Zimmermann and Lauren FitzPatrick.

They focus on special investigations and have published a special report on the danger posed to drivers by the snow that plows pile up at the sides of highways.

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It’s a rare occurrence, but they found dozens of cases in Chicago, New York, Virginia, Ohio and Oregon in which drivers lost control, went into those snow-packed concrete barriers and were vaulted by these snow ramps over the barriers, into the air, crashing on streets far below. It’s a terrifying, often deadly experience.

Watch this video for an explanation

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Our regular viewers will know that we usually focus on The New York Times; the show's official name is @Sree's Sunday #NYTReadalong. Last fall, Maureen O’Donnell, the Chicago Sun-Times’ obituaries writer was our guest for our first #SunTimesReadalong.

We have previously hosted several shows focused on The Washington Post and others focusing on The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Politico, Dallas Morning-News, the Khaleej Times (Dubai) and other local papers when Sree was traveling (pre-Covid).

Neil Parekh is our Executive Producer and Guest Host. Our Production Team includes: Paula Kiger, Steve Taylor, Julia Weeks and Carla Baranauckas.

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