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Digimentors productions include #NYTReadalong, a weekly program with host Sree Sreenivasan and expert guests across industries, and Social Media Weekend, a conference that brings together some of the best and brightest to share their advice.

Every Sunday, Sree invites a special guest to read the Sunday edition of The New York Times and talk about key global issues.  

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This week's episode

OCTOBER 16, 2022:  J. Alex Tarquinio
(Contributor to The New York Times and Foreign Policy)

This week, our #NYTReadalong guest is J. Alex Tarquinio, a contributor to both The New York Times and Foreign Policy.

Alex is a past president of the Society of Professional Journalists and has also written for The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Neil Parekh will be the guest host.

Social Media Weekend

Social Media Weekend

Social Media Weekend #SMWKND is our conference bringing together experts and enthusiasts around social, digital and mobile topics. 

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#SMWKND 2021

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#SMWKND 2021 convened some of the world's most important speakers on digital subjects such as Diversity and Inclusion in the Digital Era, The Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence, TikTok, and many more.

Our panelists included Brian Stelter and Alexandra Willingham of CNN, Wade Davis of Netflix, Andrew Seaman of LinkedIn, Darlene Slaughter from March of Dimes, and many other experts from every corner of the industry. 

Stay tuned to see what the next #SMWKND will bring.

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